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HOME  #12

Dan & Sue Hevey
Belchertown, Ma.

Nestled in a woodland setting are 2 streams with waterfalls, one that is 50" and the other is 75' long that flows into a 20' x 30' pond.  There are 2 separate bridges.  One crosses the pond & the other on the stream.  There is a variety of perennials surrounding the pond and streams.  This is a beautiful place to kick back and enjoy what nature has to offer.










HOME  #13

George Archible
Belchertown, Ma.

Located on 2 acres of woodland is a 16' x 25' pond with a 50' long stream with lots of rocks from his own backyard and was handmade 3 yrs ago.  Surrounding the pond are varieties of hostas, bleeding hearts, ferns, etc.  You might be able, on your visit to see wild turkeys or a deer taking a drink from the pond.  This house is worth the trip alone not just because of the beautiful pond but you must see Archie's collection in his garage.  It is a real treat for all who like the 1950's memorabilia.  You'll see a refurbished antique hot rod, a gas station pump, telephone booth and many, many other items.  This is a site to see.  It's spectacular.









HOME  #14

Roc & Pat Goudreau
Ware, Ma.

Hidden at the end of a long driveway lined with ferns and rhododendrons is a beautiful serene setting.  Near the hemlocks and birch trees lies a manmade pond 30' long and 4-1/2' deep and is so natural looking!  A meandering stream flows through the bio-filter at one end, with a waterfall at the other creating an oasis for fish and family.  Walk to the back and view the 10' x 15' x 8' formal pond built into the deck, inhabited by a fine collection of Japanese Koi.  There is a gentle hillside with multitude of plants that surrounds the entire length of the house.  A must see.









HOME  #15

Rich & Christine Chipman
Ware, Ma.

It's well worth the walk up the driveway to explore this piece of paradise.  This pond is being built into a gently sloping hillside, 50' of stream meanders around huge boulders to finally cascading down a 4' waterfall into this beautiful homemade pond.  The pond is 4-1/2' deep, 2' above ground surrounded by a Goshen stone wall.  Lovely perennial plantings grace and surround this Koi pond.








HOME  #16

Beverly Sullivan
Ware, Ma.

This is a beautiful woodland setting garden on a rolling hillside.  A fieldstone pathway passes thru the middle of the garden with numerous plantings of hostas, perennials, flowering shrubs and ferns.  A cascading waterfall flows to a 9' x 11' Koi pond.  The pond is surrounded with field stone and rocks with plants used for naturalizing the area.  This pond has a bottom drain and a vortex for easy maintenance.






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